Erwin Guerrovich
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  Erwin Guerrovich
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  Erwin Guerrovich
Erwin Guerrovich
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From Yan and Stephanie

A recurring theme, 10 years already... And yet is seems like yesterday: the hole is still as deep, the feeling of loss is still vivid.

There are no words that can adequately describe the man Erwin Guerrovich was. We created a whole website to portray our father and his achievements as best as we could.
Our father, a man of great wisdom and kindness, was unbelievably empathetic and so insightful. He would talk to us and we would be baffled by how much his advice was to the point: it was like he was inside our head. His first priority was always to take care of everyone and especially those he loved. He was generous of mind and heart and had a calming presence.

People always say: ”If you did not exist; we would have to create you”. Never did this saying have more truth than in the case of our father. He was truly an enriching presence to all who had the fortune of knowing him, and the world is a better place because at one point in time, he was in it.

We miss you so much, Dad... You left too soon...
Stay tuned for upcoming developments. What you can see in this website is the mere tip of the iceberg, we will be getting deeper into the world of advertising in the Middle East, as we publish Erwin Guerrovich’s archives.

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