Erwin Guerrovich
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  Erwin Guerrovich
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  Erwin Guerrovich
Erwin Guerrovich
096_small Erwin GUERROVICH comes back from England and starts working with Khalil FATTAL & Fils in their pharmaceutical department.
108_small EG is promoted head of the advertising department in Khalil FATTAL & Fils.
1961 July 12
We began our advertising activities. There were 3 of us in 1-1/2 rooms.
Middle East Marketing and Advertising Services (MEMAS) was established. The partners other than Khalil FATTAL, were Erwin GUERROVICH, Darwiche MASSOUD, Gaston CHIKHANI, Gabriel BRENAS.
1967 July
Erwin GUERROVICH bought a 25% share of MEMAS.
1968 March
107_small MEMAS opened an office in Kuwait - Name of local partner: Al SHAYA est.
1970 January 01
021_small Merger between MEMAS and HIMA (Raymond HANNA) and Nahi GHORAYEB, Sami FARES (formerly Pharaon Advertising), to become INTERMARKETS. After the merger, INTERMARKETS pioneered expansion to the Gulf and built the first regional network.
1971 June
095_small INTERMARKETS formally inaugurated its Beirut office.
1972 May
147_small There were 52 associates in Beirut and 6 in Kuwait, our consolidated business came to $2.5 million.
1972 September
147_small September Bahrain office opened - Name of local partner: Ahmad Youssef Mahmound HUSSIEN.
1974 February
198_small INTERMARKETS employed 64 people.
1975 November
114_small Opening of INTERMARKETS Cairo.
122_small Opening of INTERMARKETS Dubai in partnership with Jumaa Al MAJED Est.
GUERROVICH president of IAA Lebanon.
1977 April
Erwin-1978_small Opening of INTERMARKETS Jordan office, in partnership with Bassem DAJANI.
1978 March
137_small Opening of the Saudi Jeddah INTERMARKETS in partnership with TIHAMA.
095_small INTERMARKETS billed $16 million.
Opening of Bahrein Office.
1980 October
024_small INTERMARKETS Paris opened.
1982 July
144_small Head office moved to Paris.
1984 March
143_small Opening of INTERMARKETS London office.
1990 March
034_small INTERMARKETS OMAN office opened in partnership with Al SULTAN.
050_small Head office moved to Lebanon.
081_small Opening of INTERMARKETS YEMEN office in partnership with Said al HAYEL.
059_small Opening of INTERMARKETS SYRIA office.
088_small Opening of INTERMARKETS RIYADH office in partnership with TIHAMA.
1970 January 01
1980 October
1990 March
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