Erwin Guerrovich
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  Erwin Guerrovich
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  Erwin Guerrovich
Erwin Guerrovich
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Welcome to my story

It has been 10 years already... I left this world too early, at 7 am on March 7th 2001, but my legacy lives on.

This is my story. For those who knew me, it will be a trip down memory lane.

For the younger generation, it will be a tale about the pioneer that I was, and how I helped, against all odds, the development of advertising in the Middle East. It was in the 1960ies, and at that time, advertising was inexistent in the Gulf region.

I started doing business from a small room, and went on to create and head the largest network advertising group in the Middle East, whether in revenue, head count or geographical presence. This adventure was called Intermarkets.

I am proud to have developed, inspired and taught many people that worked with me, both within Intermarkets and outside the company. Many of those people are now amongst the most influential in the industry.

I hope that going through the facts and images of my life, you will experience the same thrill and joy I had when I was living it.

Good reading and see you in the next life!

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